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Wooow in air baby.

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I was just at the flight field today, I was great a bit windy and it was cold 9 degrees, but the flight was grate, every time I get my Freya in the air, it’s nice. I have just spend some time on the T-Rex XL, but that nothing compared to the Freya.


I did some inverted flight and stuff and some autos, and inverted hover, my biggest challenge is to fly inverted, I am not 100% stabile on the nose-in inverted hover and until I am very stabile in all the directions inverted, it will limit me a bit on the maneuvers, but that’s what is going to happen in the winter, Reflex her comes the inverted nose-in hover.


The engine is just running great, I have moved the header tank, to fit the caborator line, and that help inverted is was not fat as before where the header tank was a bit low mounted.


The next think to do is set up the program mix, for the gas when the rolls need extra power.

I just got a new used T-rex 450 XL

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I hate some ”old” stuff for a 30. size heli, an I decided that I would like to get a T-Rex, then a found a guy that was interested in swapping for a t-rex, and I was happy as a little boy, but I did know that I would give me some extra work. And I did.

I used about 3 evenings to fix all the flaws and errors the previous owner hade made, and there was a few, and I had to spend about 400,- kr. On getting new blades, I did receive 3 set of blades but all of them was smashed, and if you want a stabile heli you have to fly with every thing in perfect shape.

All fins was broken to, the canopy was cut in to make room for some of the servo’s but the solution to that is to reverse the placing of the servo’s you can se some pictures and a more complete store about this her:


First inverted hover

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Flight day 01/09-06

Now I hade change the fuel tub, and the bird was ready to fly, the day was free, and I hade me hopes high, the first flight was nice and easy, when I landed I notated that there was some fuel leek from the tank, and I hade to check it out, I removed the tank, and fund that I hade forgotten to tighten the screw for the tank fitting, that was great I notated it.

Not then I got the bird in air again, and this time there was not problems at all, I got my first inverted hover and that was cool just 3 meter above the ground, grate feeling, but then I could feel that the engine was a bit rich inverted, and I now have moved the header tank a but up, and hope this will help the engine run more clean inverted and normal.

you can see the pictures here

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At last flight time. NOT.

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Flight day 24/8-06


It hade been a long time since I hade been out flying, but today it was time.

I hade just gotten the okay from my wife and I was heading for the flight field with extra fuel, an I got the bird in the air, but then the problems started hammering down on me!!!!

First after have a tank of flight, I landed the bird just to se if the engine was hot, I was in the process of tuning, as always. And then I looked at the header tank, and noticed that the header tank was have full, and what I have learned from the years of flying is, if you see something that’s not right, TJEK IT.

And I did, on the filed because I did expected to get the bird up again, I removed the main thank and removed the plug from the tank and I noticed that the fuel-tube inside the thank with the clunk on, was ripped right over, now that’s the fuel tube from Hirobo, so remember to replace that piece of tube when you assembly a Freya. I replaced the tube and I assembled the heli again.

But then the next error showed up, the remote glow plug wire hade a bad connection, don’t know way, but it did, then I remove the canopy again, and placed the glow plug starter at the engine, then I tried to turn the engine with the starter, but then a screw in the one-way bearing broke on the starter, GOOD DAM. Second time that day.

One other think that I have learned form the years I have been flying, is if thinks starts to go wrong don’t try to get the bird in air, because you will crash. And I colleted my thinks a little pist-off, that I hade to miss flight time again.

And when I removed the fuel from the thanks with my fuel pump, the was A LOT of bubbles coming from the main thank, again a good think I didn’t go in air with the issue, that would have been nice. Not.

One good think is that I noticed the half full header tank on the ground and didn’t crash because of lost engine/fuel.