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I small test flight of the T-Rex

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Now I finally got the weather and the time, for a small test flight of the t-rex, and I must say that it’s a great little bird, it’s wild, but if you can handle it, it’s very stabile, I am amazed of the response and the fresh stile you can get with that small bird.

I first went to a small grass field, we have near by with my son, and I just got to fly it a bit around, and I manage to get it inverted, I did have bit of trouble with the stability when I pressed it a bit, but with the new Align 35A X regulator, it was really great stable performance from the little heli, compared to the Align 25A the new 35A is great and don’t produce any noise to the receiver. 25A is junk if you ask me.

And when I got home I just change the timing on the regulator, to see if that would remove the last glitches I had, and it seem like it, I was just flying around in the garden, and then in my attempt to press the regulator and the bird, I crashed in a bush, but the damage was only the main blades.

I must say, it’s a very good quality t-rex, because I have already crashed 2. And it not that big of damage I have gotten from the crashes.

Here is the picture of the t-rex after the crash:

My t-rex after a crach

Updates for

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I have just made some update in the description on the map site, now it’s hopefully easy to understand how you can register on the site. NOW we just need a lot of RC pilots to register on the site.

There is another update, now you can create a personal link to you location, this is my location, I think you can see the use for that smart little think, and if you would like to get the same function/link, you can just click the link and then there are instructions on the site.

Now I would just like to take the time to give all of you the ability to be administrators on the map site, if you see a pilot that has misunderstood the pilot/club/shop registration, and he is some how registered as a club instead of a pilot, or the other way around, please feel free to send him a kindly reminder of how he can change the registration, to a pilot icon on the map, thanks in advance.