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What’s up McDonald’s

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Now I am just wondering why McDonald’s is called a fast food restaurant, because there is nothing fast about it anymore, just to day the family and I went to get some FAST food, at McDonald and boy did we have to wait…….

It was burgers for 5 people and we hade to wait for 30 minutes, that can’t be right.

It’s not that particular restaurant we went too, no I have tried another one, where thay have drive in, and I have just drop going for the drive in, because it’s almost all the timer faster to go in to the restaurant and get you burgers from the desk, WHATS UP !!!

 My only question is: how is McDonalds at the US where the main office are located, because delivery time stinks in Denmark!!!!!
Sorry I just had to let it out.

Reflex XTR on Vista

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Now that I am grounded because of my resent Helicopter crash, I have to spend my time on something interesting, and what better to do then training inverted auto’s on Reflex, I have learned that they may come in handy.

I have recently change my OS from Windows XP to Windows Vista, and I have learned that Vista have made some improvements to the recourse handling on my Notebook. Before when I was running XP I had to borrow the wife’s Notebook, YES se has a faster PC then me :(
But now with Vista I can run Reflex XTR on my own notebook a Dell Latitude D810, this is great. Now it’s Reflex all the time.

Screen shot from my PC, and it’s running smooth on resolution 800×600. 



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Now I just crashed my T-Rex, it was my own fold, sorry to say. !!!! But now I have nothing that I can fly with, until the wife approves the new spare parts price. I am lost!!!!

I feel like I don’t want to fly anymore………………. But then again, I can’t wait to fly again.