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Wasting two gallons CoolPower

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I just had a great heli weekend, I got two days of flying, and that’s not common for me, but it’s with great sorrow that I had to see the weekend fly away with fine tuning the engine.

I have never been very good at tuning my engine, and I know that. The first day I was flying I did know that some tuning had to be done, I change the fuel brand from HeliMix to Coolpower. With that change of fuel brand some engine tuning has to be expected. But I am very sorry to conclude that my engine was not running well at all with the HeliMix the engine was setup completely wrong, and I am the only one to blame. And it was first when I changed to CoolPower that I could feel and hear that the engine was not running correct at all. :(

First Gallon:
Well the first day went okay, I did try to tune the engine and at the end of the gallon it seemed like the engine was running okay, but I still had some issues when I gave it full throttle, it was running kind of nervous, but it was running better then when the day started.

Second Gallon:
Next day was very disappointing, first time I started the helicopter I could hear that the engine was not running the way it was suppose to, it really got me in the red zoon. But hey I was ad it again, trying to tune the engine, with no luck. But to my advantage a fellow pilot came by the field without he’s helicopters and he helped me out, then the engine started to run a lot better, very nice indeed.
But it was still running a bit nervous with full throttle.
The fellow pilot told me that he had the same issues with he’s OS 91 SZ until he mounted all the O-Rings in the engine, with all O-Ring’s at 0,5mm the engine should not run nervous with full throttle.
Well I mounted one more O-ring in the engine and now I have 0,4mm thick ring. And I can’t way to get to the field and try it out, I hope this works because if not, I am seriously considering to changing the whole think to an electric Helicopter. But I hope it works, because I am going to miss the smell of burned fuel.

Wish me luck.

And by the way, I was running HeliMix 15% nitro, and now I am running CoolPower 10% nitro, my local hobby store could not deliver HeliMix as fast as I was hoping and that’s why I changed fuel brands, I am not saying that HeliMix is a pure product, I am simply saying that I didn’t setup my engine correct with that fuel.

Psychological issues

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I have been flying a bit since last time, but man it has been a little depressing.

You all remember my crash last year and last year I didn’t really fly that many times, the helicopter was grounded most of last year because of the damage repair budget, was not covering the crash expenses.

But this year has started good, I have been flying a lot (3 gallons) but I have a psychological issue with inverted flight, my crash last year was flying inverted, and now I can’t do loops or rolls in real life, I can do it on the simulator with no problem, but when I am on the flying field I can’t do S***.

My approach to this problem is to fly all the time, I just have to get some real life flight time in the sticks, that’s the only solution, and it’s slowly going better, but not as fast as I would wish.
BUT hay if I don’t have fun with flying, it’s not worth the nitro. Nitro = fun (Don’t drink it.)

But there is one upside to this story I am starting to fly a little backwards, I can’t fly backwards on the simulator, but because of my inverted limitations I have done a little backward flying in real life, that’s a good improvement.

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I have been working A LOT on the map site the last weeks, a guy from US help me out a lot with the user interface on the map site. He is the main reason why I have added the search function at the top of the site, and some other very cool easy to use improvements to the site. Thanks merlin703.

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