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Video update

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Now I got the videos ready for you, it’s just two, there are more but i don’t realy feel like it will giv you any value to show you videos with normal flying :)

The first video you just have to see, it’s all pilot from the pitchbrother society, and there a more and more of them, it’s five pilot going for the grass cutter maneuver, what you have to do to be a real pitchbrother. Check it you.

I just got a new video editing program that I played a little too much around with.

The second is a better video clip, then from the last blog post I showed you, this one is with all the preparing for the three helicopter pilot doing the synchronized helicopter stunds.

The next thing for me, is that I am trying to attend the sports man class of a Danish competition, an I have had a short chat with some of the other pilots in that class, and we have agreed to fly the same maneuvers, here is the list of the maneuvers I have to practice the next month.

1. Hovering observation
2. Procedure swing
3. Torque turn
4. Loop
5. Immelmann
6. Roll
7. Push over
8. Split s

I hope I can make it in a month.

Kick Ass Weekend

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This weekend was a helicopter weekend, I was at a great 3D heli weekend event.

And I got some greate video recorded but at the moment I don’t have time to upload it all, but I can show you an uncut preview, with some great 3D flying, it was 3 pilots flying the
similar maneuvers, it was great watching in real life, and okay to watch on video.


I will get back with more video next weekend I hope.

And here is a group photo, if you click the image it’s 10 MB.
Groupe photo from a great weekend in Denmark

The Pitchbrother society

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First of all, let me just start out with confirming that I am NOT a member of the Pitchbrother society, I am way too happy with my helicopter.

The definition of a Pitchbrother: Well to put it frank, you have to rape your helicopter like there is no tomorrow, that’s true, fly that baby as low as you can, and make those blades green with grass. That’s a Pitchbrother, interested in being a member? Well if you can prove it with a picture or a video, then you can be a member and get a Pitchbrother sticker :) AND it has to be a nitro helicopter, THAT’S the rules.

If you’re interested post a comment here with a link to your Pitchbrother evidence.

And here is a video with one of the founders of the Pitchbrother society.