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Surfing the net

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This is boring, the weather is bad and I do not have time to fly, but then I fund some funny stuff on the net, check this comic out, it is about a helicopter :)

Funny comic

For the late nights, check this out girls with RC part :) I am a nerd I know. Click the picture to se the complete galeri of RC Chicks

model with synergy.jpg

I was at LegoLand the other day, with the family, look what i made :)
A lego logo

Good competition

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I was at the competition this weekend and that when great, I was in the sport group. And I got first place :) really great.
Here you can see the result from the weekend

Your already know the maneuvers from the previous post !!!! link til tidliger post
I did not have any camera with me, but here is many good links to videos and photo from the weekend.

First you just have see the two videos here, its slow motion and good quality.

We don’t burn the Danish flag we cut them down :)

And here are the rest of the link

Some photos

And the rest of the video

And some photo

Last you just have to see a picture of a happy man right after a flight from the weekend, can you see that it was a good flight, right? (that’s me)
That's me

The big weekend

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Well the competition weekend is coming up this weekend, I have been practicing a bit but not as much as I would I liked, time and weather has been against me. However, I think I will mange, although the weather for the weekend is not looking good, it’s going to be about 7m/s wind, and that is not good.

One of the great thinks about this competition is that I do not have to panic, the most important think in the competition is that we have a fun time together and that we learn something for the next time, well that is the attitude I am going with any way :)

To show you the maneuvers that I have to fly, you can see the video I have recorded with my Phoenix RC simulator, you can read about the maneuver here, but I am not that happy with the result in the video, I do actually think that I fly better with a real helicopter. I just got the Phoenix RC simulator. and you can expect a review of the simulator in near feature on my main site.

Stop hacking

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My blog has just been a victim of a hacker attack, I feel violated.

It’s seems like I have stop the bastard or bastards, but you can never be sure with this type of people. To think that there is a guy somewhere out there at the end of the wire, hacking my site, adding stupid useless pharmacy links and other useless stuff, it’s pathetic. I hope it’s worth the money, if you get any.

Well the hacker is checkmate for now, and I hope it will stay that way.

On the Heli note, the flying is going great and I am practicing the 8 maneuvers for the competition a week from now, they are not that great yet, but it can’t be perfect.

Wish me luck with the competition and the hackers.