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Alpine Heli Smackdown good event

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I have not been there myself, sorry to say, but I have heard from some of the pitchbrother members that it was I great event, one of the best events they have ever been to.

The pitchbrother was not blessed with luck this weekend as you can read from their blog. A new invention something called a T-Wreck.

I have been searching for some videos from Alpine Smackdown, not that many yet, but I hope to see more soon. Nevertheless, one think I can see from the few video on the net, what a great view, that is a good-looking scenery.

I wonder if he cannot fly any higher (Lukas Riva) :)

This is Dario flying

click image to see pictures from the pitchbrothers
Alpine heli smackdown

If you find any more videos, please feel free to post a comment with a link to the video here, thanks.

Sad and funny

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Just found this video on the tube, this guy show all the parts he as broken for the last 20 month, and that is a bit, i wonder if he has a simulator! one think is for sure, he has been flying and crashing more that i have been for a while now :) but he is still keeping up the spirit, great video

Phoenix version 2.00.g BETA network test

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I have been upgrading my Phoenix for days now, the Phoenix headquarters seem to be working day and night to get the best version 2.00 up and running, and it going well, right now there is a version 2.00.g BETA available from there site.

Some of the changes I have seen is that the graphic is even more efficient. Now I can run Phoenix in the highest graphic details and highest resolution on my Dell d830, and that is pretty good.

I have been testing the multiplayer solution as well, and thats a bit better too it seem, you can’t really get rid of all lacking because that depends on the other players connected to the server, but it was working good when I tried it out, here you can see a screen shot from earlier this night. Click on the picture to see the graphics.

The Phoenix version 2.00 beta G

Some Extra info
I am Selling my Fiat 127.

I do not really have time to fix it this winter and it is a shame to leave it out all winter not taking care of it as I should, it is in great shape. If you are interested, you can find a Danish add about the car here, or you can contact me via this link. I am selling it for 10000 DKr and I know there is already one person interested, but he is on vacations now, it can still be yours.

Check out some of the old post about my Fiat 127 here: