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Mid air crash

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Look at this sad sad video, a good rc helicopter pilot smacking that heli like he is suppose to, when a airplane gets in his way, a nice video with catastrophic results, look at the last part for the video.

Please take your time to register on the pilot locator search for your city, click on your location, and write your name, email and other stuff, your registration is don.

Amazing video

No Gravatar have been around for a while, and I am a frequent visitor on their site, some of the information I can use and some of it I can’t, but what I always like about the site is the high quality of their graphics. I am amazed with all the cool pictures and all the great video, just watch this teaser video for the 2009 Align Las Vegas Ultimate Competition, seeing this video is make my finger itch, and reminds me that the season is about to begin, and I just can’t wait to get out there and fly the shit out of my Freya.

Check out the video

Full scale RC via bluetooth

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Check out this funny video, very cool. It some guys having too much time at the office playing around with a bluetooth phone and a RC Formula 1 car, resulting in a meeting with Lewis Hamilton! Watch the video, it is fun.

The video is fake :)

Half piros, my attempt

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Watched this video the other day, a guy showing how to do half piros, and I could not do a half piro before I saw this video, but now I am starting to get the hang of it. I like the video we need more of them: “Simple” maneuver one maneuver at the time. Then I can get the hang of it.

The video I watched:

And here is my attempt: