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New issue Helista magazine

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The Helista guys have create the second issue of the Helista magazine, it is free there is absolutely no reason not to check out the new issue. The magazine is manly containing information about small electric RC helicopters.

Check out there site :
Helista magazine site

Get the magazine in pdf

First videos from Helibatic 1 2009

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Here are some of the videos from Helibatic 1, I have more video, her you just get some of them.

Sebastian is test flying his helicopter after 3 crashes the day before(Friday), yep 3 crashes, it looks like it is working fine:

A video from the competition with Krunder:

A video from the competition with Kim:

A video from the competition with Klaus:

Helibatic 1 2009

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Well I didn’t really get time to write live over the weekend as my initial thoughts was, but here is an update about what happened over the weekend. Friday night was really a buzz killer for me, my sleeping bag was way too cold and I did have difficult catching heat all night in my tent. But some of the fellow pilot invited me to stay at their house for the next night, and there I seeped like a baby.

Flying was really nice, everybody was talking about they didn’t had had any opportunity to practice and that they where feeling inexperienced and unready, but despite that the flying was awesome and most of the news pilot was flying great.
There was 28 pilots attending in all classes, and that is very good compared to the size of the country. I end last in 3D sports class what a bummer, I was not good I had problems with my flying and problems with my helicopter and some very bad weeks up to the competition with no preparation didn’t help me do the flying any better, but there is one good thing about it, it can only get better for me in 2009.

Here are some pictures, which are the only pictures my, camera ran out of power(back to preparation). But I will post some videos later or some of the coming days, subscribe to my feed to keep you self updated. There is some nice flying videos on my camera coming soon.

Local TV station stopped by

helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures
helibatic 1 2009 pictures


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Here is my day:
Getting up at 6:30
Attending second day at Certified Scrum Master training
Getting home, packing the car with every thing helicopter related
Leaving the house and skipping dinner with the family :(
Driving for 1 hour to pick up some new sticker I have made(more about that later)
Driving for 3 hours
Arriving at Brønderslev flying field
Drinking a few beers
Raising my tent
Getting to bed now 00:30.

But Helibatic is starting tomorrow and I can’t wait, specially to see if my helicopter is working after some repairs and a 4 hour drive :)

Getting ready for at night in the tent, temperature about 0C :(

tent cold

RC heli canopy lamp

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Two reasons to get a new canopy

1. To have a new painted canopy
2. Get a new lamp in the man cave

When I can´t fly my mind gets board, and when my mind gets bored I get funny ideas. That is when I got a funny idea to make my current canopy in to a ceiling lamp, forget about the IKEA lamp, homemade canopy lamp that is what we need.

Here is a picture just an example, just create a hole for the wire at the tip of the canopy, and then you have a cool lamp for the man cave.

RC helicopter Canopy lamp