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Morfar kicking, at the PB Smackdown

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Here is Jørn aka morfar(grandpa) I was talking with him minutes before this video was shot, and he was telling me that he was missing some real pitchbrother action and he should know, because he is a real pitchbrother, morfar decided to step-up and show some real PB action, but as you can see not all pitchbrother action will succeed.

Check the video

Before :




What is a Chaos

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What is the difference between a Piro Flip and a Chaos. Well i don’t know but Curtis Youngblood will walk you through it in this video and he can tell you the differences between the two maneuvers.

Interview with Curtis Youngblood about a Chaos

And this is me doing a Half Piro Flip on the simulator :)

Emil at the Smackdown

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Emil aka “Fire starter” was at the Pitchbrother smackdown, he was doing some very cool flying like he did at the Helibatic competition, i think we can expect alot from Emil this year.

Emil did have some problems this weekend at the Smackdown, at one of his flights where he crashed his helicopter. When the helicopter was lying on the ground smoke started to come from it, and the regulator started to burn, hence the name Fire starter :)

Emil as the fire starter
Emil as the fire starter

On top of this Emil has just received a sponsorship from Hyperion

And here you can see some of the cool flying from Emil, by the way the engine is not running lean, it is electric :)

This is Emil theme song, Firestarter by Prodigy

Using your GPS to find flying fields

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I have made a small but very valuable new function on the pilot locator. You properly all know about the driving directions function on the map, where you can enter your address or PinID to get a driving direction to a specific pushpin on the map. That is a very useful function.

But now I got a GPS and I found that the map is missing something very useful, the ability to transfer the position from the map to a GPS device. There is a million ways to do this, but one way I found could be used on all GPS device is to enter the position manually, and now you can with the pilot locator.

From my personal experience from driving to competitions at different flying field around Denmark, I have learned that it can be okay to have the address of the flying field, the address can get you in the area of the flying field but not all the way, because the field is often placed on some grass field with no address. But if you enter the exact location of the field, you can see on the GPS where the field is located and that way get to the flying field in one go.

Here is what you have to do:
1. Find the flying field on the map you would like to travel to.

2. Click on the icon on the map and go to the last tab “Service” (See picture below)

3. Enter the GPS values from the “Service” tab in to you GPS device, (It is properly the “position” menu on you GPS device)

4. Give the POI a name on the GPS, and now you can see the location on your GPS and drive to the flying field.

The GPS cordinats on the pilot locator.

Please let me know if you like the feature and if you can use it on your GPS device, leave a comment.

Read additional information here

Find the country map in the right menu called Pilot locator->

Please take your time to register, it is FREE

Norway at the SmackDown

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I am starting to go thru all the video I have from the great event, but I just had to find the great video with the Norwegian guy flying his Raptor 90 from a hangar ship, the reason is that the guy Tom Erik Rolfson was at the SmackDown and he was doing some amazing flying, along with his fellow pilot from Norway.

Here is his video from the hangar ship.

And this is what he also can do, at the SmackDown this weekend.

Here is some of the amazing flying from Tom at the SmackDown

Check out there club site with more pictures from the SmackDown