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Test Phoenix v2.5 public BETA

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Now the new Beta is out, and you can download at test it. In the weekend at helibatic I just got at sneak peek of the new version from Phoenix, and I just tested one thing cut grass, yes in the new version of Phoenix you can cut grass, the Pitchbrothers is setting the standards for the helicopter world :)

Check out the video where I cut grass, and check out the wireless setup for the PC, cool right, I have no idea how you convert it to wireless, but a very nice feature.

Read the news from Phoenix and download from there site.

Helibatic 2 is over

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Well now Helibatic 2 2009 is over and I ended last position AGAIN, it is not a good year for me :) What can I say if you don’t practice you don’t win. That’s a lesson to you all.

I was struck by a little bad luck, when I was in my free style flight I was trying to make a rainbow up against wind, and the engine lost power. It was in the last part of my flight and I end with a nice autorotation right in the circle. There was a lot of comment asking me if I didn’t have a governor installed, but the answer is yes I have a governor installed, but there was a small problem with the governor, see picture.

governor sensor broken

The sensor was broken off !!

I have posted some pictures, most of them are from my friend Kurt, and he is still learning about his fancy camera that is why some of the pictures are dark :)


First day Helibatic 2

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arrived first day at the Helibatic 2 2009, but the wind is very strong and we are waiting for some eaay winds. While we are waiting for the flight weather we investigate the new inventions, here is one from Lærling, the beer can holder for the TX.

RC TX beer can holder

RC TX beer can holder

Last video compilation

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This is the last video I am going to make from the Pitchbrother Smackdown, it was a good event and I got a lot of good videos, se the links below fo the other posts with videos. Check the video at 1:40t se Lukas doing a piro-flip/Chaos where he just stops the tail for ½ a second, i looks very cool and it work very well when you watch it in real life.

The coming weekend I am going for the second event of the Danish Helibatic, I didn’t do much training and the plan was that I would fligh some practice flights this week, but guess what it is raining all the time, I hope the raining stops on Saturday. I do not expect any good results from my flights this weekend, but hay it is all about the fun in entering the competition…………. YEAH RIGHT :)

Going for Pitchbrothers Smackdown
Change of plans
Smackdown ended well
Norway at the SmackDown
Emil at the Smackdown
Morfar kicking, at the PB Smackdown
New videos from Pitchbrother Smackdown 2009

The Crackilator

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Now this is news you will not forget, Infinivation are currently testing a new device called the Crackilator, it’s a device you plug in to the training plug on your transmitter and with a switch on you transmitter you can now do crack maneuvers without moving your stick. Yes that is right, it will do the crack movement for you :)

picture of the crackilator

I thinks this is a device for any pitchbrother!
Yelling “CRACK IT” is a waist of time these days! you just hit the switch

This is one of the test pilots Bobby Watts

I asked and this is no joke !

Edit post: a crack maneuver is starting 4 minutes in to this video