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Missed UK 3D Championship?

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Don not worry I did to :( but next year I am planning to go to all the events I can find in the world, this winter I will not practice RC Helicopter I will practice robbing banks. !Joking! As if you didn’t know.

But now you can just lean back and wait for the videos, you can find the 3D Championship 2009 YouTube channel here. Keep yourself up to date at there channel.

Just to give you a hint, check out this video with Daniel Jetschin, watch 30 seconds in the video, he has time to scratch his forehead, what a cool guy.

And some pictures for your inspiration.
From the UK 3D Championship 2009

From the UK 3D Championship 2009

Check out the rest of the pictures

And there main site here, nice logo:
3d championship logo 2009

Site update, pilot locator

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To night i am in developer mode, this is where i get some new ideas for the site and i hope you all like them.

First off i have added a extra feature for the blog site, now you can subscribe by email if you leave a comment on one of the posts, look for this:
A new notify function on the blog

And then i have made a change to the pilot locator, it is not a big change for you, but a big change for me and lots easier for my to maintenance the pilot locator map.

The only difference for you is if you normally use to get the Danish centered map, you have to use to get the Danish map, or click the Danish flag in the side menu on the pilot locator.

But for the rest of us, now we only have to remember one pilot locator, and that is you can still use all the old urls like you will just get redirected to the with the correct map in center.

It is way easier for me and from now on you only have to remember 3 site:

That is easy, ohh and i have added a little extra url easy to remember :)

If your in a country that is not on the map (with a flag and url), write a comment about what country you would like to get on the map, then i will fix it.

It is free to register on the pilot locator please take your time to do so.

RC Helicopter game on the IPhone

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Now i really need an IPhone, for all my long traveling to and from work, i need the IPhone because i can fly with and RC Helicopter on the IPhone now, this is a new game for the IPhone, very cool, i tried the RC helicopter game the other day on the IPhone, and that worked great, good graphics, nice controlling and as i understand it, it was cheap to, just what i like.

Just check out the great demos here:

And this is a demo from the developers site

This is a cool demo that shows you have the controls work, very nice.

Alpine Heli Smackdown 2009

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Okay next event i would love to go to, is the Alpine Heli Smackdown, it is the 10-11 october, we all remember the great videos from last year with the great scenery in the back. Check out the video from last year

Are you going this year ? you can check out the location of the flying field here And here you can read some more information about the event from last year. Support this event, i know from last year that this is a good event.

Who is supplying videos for us this year ? leave a comment if you plan to make video from the event, thanks.

Did you see is on facebook, become a fan, to show your support. THANKS :)

Farming NEWS, Wasps problem

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Some days ago i showed you how to solve the bad wheats problem, here is the next solution if you have Wasps or any other flying insect in your farming field or flying field, then you can solve it as shown below :) amazing solution. I am thinking about starting my owen farm, that way i can fly RC Helicopters all the, and still make some money.

My personal experience, if you have some insects bothering you when you fly, you can fly low so the smoke will gets around you, that way the insects will fly away, that is farming news for today :)