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Nokia 6700/6300 RC Helicopter theme

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Just got the new Nokia 6700/6300 classic. When I get a new phone I like to give it a personal touch.
For some time I have working on an idea. The idea was to make a RC Helicopter theme for my phone, most of all because I haven’t been able to find any RC Helicopter related phone theme anywhere, I am guessing that I am not the only one interested in a RC Helicopter theme for the Nokia 6700/6300 Series.

I have tested the theme on my Nokia 6700/6300, but I think you can use it on other Nokia series too, check it out yourself, and post a comment if it is working on another Nokia series.

Here are some shoots of the background:

Here is a teaser the SMS message sound HERE

I have already had a funny episode with the new ringtone, I was cycling with my kids in our residential area, and I was thinking who the hell is flying an RC heli here, insane!. When I realized it was my phone ringing!!! The new theme is working great.

You can download the theme here: Nokia 6700 Classic RC Helicopter theme

Just created this theme for the Nokia 6300 series, you can get it here: Nokia 6300 RC Helicopter theme

You need the Nokia PC Suite to install it on your phone

Tom-Erik beating night blades

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I have just seen a great night blades video by Tom-Erik the 3DMasters winner 2009 from Norway. It is his first night blades flight, and he is flying real nice, and ends with a autorotation, the first auto i have seen with night blades. Nice going, we are waiting for more videos Tom :)

First test flight with Raptor90SE night blades. from Tom-Erik Rolfson on Vimeo.

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3DMasters 2010 Netherlands

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Just got some great news, it seems that the 3DMaster are going for Netherlands the 23rd, 24th and 25th July 2010. That is very close to Denmark, and as i understand it from the press release it is a very easy place to access by plain or by car. I have got to go.

For a more detailed map look here

Here is the Jupiter Flying Club web site

And from the looks of it, it seems like a nice site with fences and all Jupiter Flying club

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New remote glow-plug

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Bert Kammerer´s review of the new remote glow-plug SwitchGlo Pro i am thinking that would be a nice add-on in combination with the new align starter i was thinking about getting. I am already starting on the list for Christmas.

Check out Bert´s review here

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RC helicopter with cars jumping over.

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Recently my son had his birthday, and what to get a 6 year old boy, he has everything like his sister, a well known problem for parents this days. Well of course it had to be some RC stuff, but not something flying. I got it, an RC Car, but instead of going to the local toy store, I went to the local RC online store to get a buggy for the same amount of money you can pay for a RC car in the toys store. But the real RC car you can replace part when you break them, and then it can drive almost 35 km/h and driving on grass is no problem, not like the ones from the toys store that can’t drive on grass.

Well a new world open for me :) the RC cars are really cool to, check out some videos here

This is a video with RC cars flying over a RC Helicopter

This is a cool video, where they jump high, they get stuck at the roof 4-5 meter up :) cool