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Crash prices 2010

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After some chatting at the local forum, i decided to create a list of crash prices of different models in different sizes, and with some serious help from the forum it ended like this. One thing is the model price when you buy it from new, another thing is the spare parts price when you crash, you can use this list to see what model your budget can handle.

If you would like to help please leave a comment with the model name and the prices in the same row order as shown in the table, thanks.

Check the prices out here

Removing main engine bearings

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It is winter time and when it is winter i can find time to maintenance my equipment, and i have had guys asking when i was going to replace my bearings in my engine, and now it is time. Happy now. :)

Separating an engine is not something i do very often and i need some instruction just to be sure i don’t breaking anything, first i started looking for an instruction video, could not find it, maybe i should make one myself, but no i fund this useful site that is all you need to know to separate a model engine.

Next tip for you: any of you like Crème brûlée ? I got a Crème brûlée set as a Christmas present and you can use the burner to remove your main bearings from the engine, a tip from Tim P the cook :)

Crème brûlée

EDIT: i found the video
Remove the bearings

Replace the bearings

Have a nice day, we need to be more friendly with each other :)

Poland on the pilot locator

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Now Poland really is represented on the pilot locator, and for that i have made a direct link for Poland, check it out, Maybe the next step is to replace the Russian flag, in the right menu, with the flag from Poland, because of the increasing registrations in Poland, thanks for the support, guys from Poland.

As i understand it from a Polish forum, the guys from Poland are trying to defeat us in Scandinavia with the amount of registrations, hey Poland you have about 200 registrations to go :) keep up the good work.

A scene from real life!

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Just stumble upon this video from some kind of TV series i don’t know, i must say this is realty TV, a little to real for me. This could have been me, except for the last part where the wife runs off with my credit card !

The take 2 clip was just removed sorry !

Winter RC Helicopter flying

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Winter flying?, yes you can, if you are in doubt? here you get the definitive evidence, one video with Klaus from Denmark flying the TZ V2 90 aka JS 3D Frenzy 90, in -5C.

Next video is Tom-Erik from Norway flying the Raptor 90 SE at -19,5C a night flight and it is a short flight maybe because his fingers are freezing :)

Klaus from Denmark flying the new Frenzy at -5C, me like the Frenzy :) i want one.

Tom-Erik from Norway flying his Raptor 90 SE at extreme conditions.

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