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Please stop with the snow

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Here in Denmark the snow just keeps coming, and it is driving me mad. Currently i haven’t got a helicopter, i have sold the Freya to get a new helicopter, haven’t got it yet, but more about that later. Here is a crash in snow not good for a electric helicopter.

Krunder has some good ideas for the winter flying, this is archived under winter accessories, Happy fingers from Krunder Aerospace.

Happy fingers from on Vimeo.

New image gallery

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I have just been working on a new picture galley for, this is a huge improvement compared to the old image gallery, i have embedded the images in the page, to make it look nice, really hope you like it feel free to leave a comment if you do. The complete gallery you can find here

A little taste

Insane 3D video!!!

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I just found this hyper cool video, i watched this video, and initial i noticed the length on 7 seconds, but i gave it a try, it was just 7 seconds out of my life, and what a funny 7 seconds. And i like the title of the video, TRex 700 3D flight, yes it is a TRex 700 3D but flight, that is humor. I am sure the guy can do it better then that, but he made a good choice posting the video anyway AND i HD, nice :)

Fun with the snowman

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Here is a nice video from Colin, with some good winter flying and a very nice snowman. Flying with a Raptor 90

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