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JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, got the ring

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Okay Klaus is currently my best buddy :) he just delivered the main mast lock ring, great service. Current beer status Tim minus 1, Klaus plus 1, Now i can get on with the build project and hopefully i am ready to fly one of the next couple of days.

JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, day 2

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Still building, didn’t get allot don today, mainly because i was beat and i made allot of mistakes resulting in assembly – disassembly – assembly – disassembly well you get the picture, i decided to start mounting the tail, the instruction manual instructed med to start with the main mast, but to mount the tail drive you have to remove the main mast therefor the tail was first.

Then i got to the head and found that my main shaft lock ring was missing from the box, bummer, and no change in hell i can get that before the vacations begins :(

Here are some pictures and comment from today, more pictures here:

I just turned the nut, it is very close to the bearing and one of the sites on the nut has the be parallel with the bearing.

Drilled out the tail rod guide, there is a big hole for the tail rod, but i used a different hold to have a better guide.


I don’t hope my Frenzy ends like this and then again i don’t have a Lipo on-board.

JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, day 1

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Just got me a new helicopter, i sold the Hirobo Freya 90 to get a new and more 3D capable helicopter and from what i read the Frenzy is it. It is also a very cheap helicopter but it still seem like it is okay in quality. This is not the complete build thread, i have just started to build it, and i am a slow builder. Get back tomorrow the for some more build tips.

This i Day 1.
As you can see the box is boring no fancy cover, but i don’t care, as we say about the girls, it is what’s inside that counts :)

I got some advice to change the clutch linen, because the original is some sort of rubber, and i did that with a Raptor linen, check out the pictures. I headed the bell to get the old linen out. That is a good tip.

Check the rest of the pictures from today

Smack talk for free

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RunRyder just made this funny video with Bert Kammerer and Bobby Watts, this is a funny video because they talk a lot of smack, don’t event watch the flight, just listen to the smack talk.

Would you like to hear more smack talk from Bobby and Bert, check out there videos here

Just got a Futaba 8FG TX

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I just sold my old Futaba FF9 35Mhz to get a new and improved Futaba 8FG 2,4Ghz. Why? i was the only guy at the file with an antenna, and if i would like to fly some electric powered helicopter in the future a 2,4 system is a must have. The new small electric helicopter are fun and my transmitter was one think holding me back.

Back to the 8FG, a nice transmitter with a compacted design and a nice balanced transmitter. Some new features that i haven’t been using before like the virtual cyclic ring, a nice improvement in my opinion. I haven’t got the transmitter for that long but it seem like a good product and i am definitely looking forward to using it this season.

Read my complete review here.