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Helibatic in local media

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The local TV station showed up at last weekends helibatic competition here in Denmark, Kim one of our top pilots in Denmark, shows a small flight, short but good quality video, especially the part where you can see on Kim’s face that something is almost about to go wrong.

Check it out here the site is in Danish but just hit play.

2 Helibatic 2010, Denmark

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Back from Helibatic and in front of a real computer, I have just uploaded a few pictures from Helibatic, just to get you in the mood. I am not competing at Helibatic this year, sorry to say the other guys seemed like they where having a good time like always. But no I didn’t get the change to practice for the competition this year. But I did get some flights in today and the frenzy was kicking.

Check out the pictures:


YES that is my new Dynatron starter, it is working great.

Check out the rest of the pictures here

I got the chance to say high to Benjamin today, I meet him for the first time at PB Smackdown, he has only been flying for about a year, but dame this guy is good. Check out his video I made at Pitchbrother Smackdown 2010, I little late I know.

The post from the phone today, was a test to see how well it was working, I am planning to update my site live from 3D masters this year, yes I am going lucky me :) keep you eyes open for live updates from 3Dmaster 2010.

Live: second Helibatic 2010 Denmark

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Just arrived at helibatic sunday, here are some pictures. Post from my phone.




Kyle Dahl af XFC 2010

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Check out this great flight from Kyle Dahl at the XFC 2010, Kyle is this years winner and for good reason it seems, it is truly a great flight and different flight from what you see from some of the other professionals. I like the maneuverer a 2:09 where i fly’s up and then fly’s back like it is rewinding looks great.

More video from the beach

No Gravatar posted a great trailer video from Smackdown on the beach, what a great video. It makes me all sad that i wasn’t down there at this great event. It looks like the world event that you would like to be at. I am going next yeah if my wife don’t see this video :)

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Videos from The Pitchbrothers

This is Dominik Haegele flight to music:

Dominik Haegele from on Vimeo.

This is Alice McDowell on the beach:

Alice McDowell on the beach from on Vimeo.