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German Helimasters 2010 F3N

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German Helimasters was this weekend, sorry to say i was not there, but I will consider it next year just as a spectator and photographer, it seems like a good event and some of the very good pilots do attend this event.

But you have to see some of the videos from German Helimasters 2010. And for the final results look here

Flight to music overall first place, Eric Webber

Flight to music overall second place, Kyle Dahl

What flight is the best flight ? leave your comment

Midair crash

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A midair crash is always amazing stuff, most of all because it is very rare, changes that a heli and a plain smashes into eat other is very little but it happens, and boy do I love to see the video and JetJockJoe45 from YouTube provided this video. Observer the silences after the crash :(

Alan Szabo goes quadrocopter

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Smart phones can be used for alot of good thinks i know i used mine at 3D masters for updates my site from the flight line. But now Align(i thing) has found new ways of using the Iphone, controling a quadrocopter with an Iphone.

I am missing some 3D action with that quadrocopter