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The next step for is definitely the a smartphone optimized site, and i give you what you demand. Tryout the new design for mobile devices, this way you can check the site at the flying field on your smartphone, i personally use my smartphone for a lot of surfing and i just wish that more sites would be optimized for a smart phone, it loads the site very fast, here are some screen shots preview:




Check it out from your phone: OR

Or try out the pilot locator on your phone:

Final review of the Frenzy 90 TT

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Now i got the time and the flights to complete the review of the Frenzy 90 TT, the new and improved Frenzy.

To summarize the conclusion :
A good helicopter for the price, i don’t really understand the higher price on the TT version, but it is still a good priced model.

Yes that is it, it has some small issues, some of them you can fix with a hex and some you have to work a little harder to fix, but for the average pilot this helicopter is a great beginner and advanced helicopter. And please remember that you have to do small fixes with a high priced helicopter on the marked to.

But what i really like on the Frenzy is you can get easy access to the engine and clutch AND I LIKE THE PRICE.

This is a model most of you pilots would be very happy with, i am sure.

Just smack it around.

Read the rest of the review here

Don’t forget to check out the pilot locator for your smartphone

Bert flying with on-board camera

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Here is a really cool video showing Bert Kammerer flying around with a on-board camera, I guess it shows why a real helicopter can not perform the same tricks as a RC Helicopter, the pilot would become violently ill.

It’s great to see how productive RC nerds are here early in the year, they’ve waited all winter to get on the wings. :)

Downunder Heli Smackdown 2011

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I just found this super good news reports from Down Under Heli Smackdown 2011 or smashdown as the reporter call it.

It is always a good thing when there are RC Helicopter in TV, more attention gives more new pilots

See it is really good

Crashed my JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube

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And that is before a even got the review done man it is not really my year, i have had more accidence this year than i have had the last 3 years ! why oh why!

The reason why i crashed was the new servos, it is metal servos, note to self, lock-tit on metal ! one servo horn came off in flight.

I was a minor crash but it is still ground time for me :) the new engine OS 91HZ-R seems to have massive power and i am only in the burn in phase. can’t wait to get this heli ready for the summer, and i CAN’T wait for the summer!

The servos causing the crash