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3D Masters 2011 at Venlo

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3D masters just announced the entrance list for 3D Masters, this is the approved pilot for entering the competition.

Some of the interesting competitors in Experts class are the Danish competitors for my point of view. It is Klaus Jensen a 3D Masters veteran and then we have the new kid on the block Kenneth Krull, it is his first time but I am sure he can compete with all the good pilot, SMACK IT.

In the Masters class we see Tom-Erik Rolfson from Norway I personally have my hopes up for.

Then we have the joker, the surprise Curtis Youngblood !!! This guy was at the judges table last year, he is the father of 3D and he is one of the most experienced guys at the start line, but Curtis is also the one who crashed his helicopter at a demo last year, which is not going to win the judges this year

One is missing in my point of view Kim Jensen from Denmark, he is going to judge this year, if you can’t beat them join them :)

Good luck to all

See the complete list here

I would really like to go this year but I seems like it is not going to happen :( can I count on one of you guys to make a live report like I did last year ?

Check out the location for the 3D master competition.

Lego scale RC helicopter

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This must be one of the best use of Lego bricks I have ever seen, this scale guy have scaled a Lego helicopter 6 times up, not down, but up.
Resulting in a very cool flying Lego helicopter I especially like the Lego guy on the side, just check out the video.

Fan of Isabelle?

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Just funde this video Isabelle showing us the Parrot AR.Drone, now that is a video style i can get use to. I am now a subscriber of the Rotocade Youtube channel :)

For more RC Chicks

Check out Isabelle here

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