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This site is about the passion for RC helicopters, this is all about how you can fly a helicopter what type of helicopter you can fly and how you can fix your helicopter when you need to do that

This site is build in 3 sections

The Blog(main site): Where we write about RC helicopters and what we like about them and where we fly them, what competitions we are in and some news about the helicopter industry.

The Pilot locator: This is where you can find flying fields, flying buddies and hobby shop all over the world, show you support for this site by adding yourself, your flying field or your local hobby shop to the map it is free like everything else on this site. Here you can read more about the options you have with the pilot locator.

The Picture gallery: Here are all the pictures from different event we attend to. If you like RC related pictures take your time to check this gallery out. For video check YouTube.

The site editors:

Name Tim Pedersen
Description Born in 1976 been flying RC Helicopters since 2005, I am the founder and the developer of this site, the pilot locator is my 3. Baby, my intension for the site is to inform new comers and old-timers in the hobby, about what it is like to fly a helicopter and what kind of problems you can run in to while flying you remote controlled model. My sincere wishes are that you find this site useful, that is all.
Model JS Frenzy 90, read more about it here
Where he lives Tølløse, Denmark
His flying field Dragsholm Modelflyveklub

Name Kim Jensen
Description Started flying in 2001. My brother Klaus and me lost our last parent that year, so we concluded that good dreams like heli flying should not be postponed more than absolutely necessary. I started with Raptor 30, and after first hover in the backyard I was hooked.

Saw Curtis ‘how did he do that?’ and I was 100% sure I would never ever be able to do anything like that. I must have seen it 50 times. To be honest I still see it from time to time.

Well, in 2003 I suddenly improved and some new orientations came under control. A friend suggested to start competing in our national comp. I did, and then that also got me hooked. Going to these competitions made me improve further because the flying got more focussed, and there were some exprienced F3C guys that could instruct me in manouver positioning and precision.

Combined with 3D manouvres I did get a smooth style, unfortunately never as smooth as Curtis .

I was lucky to smack the Raptor real hard once in 2003, and since tail booms were out of stock that period, I tried out a Robbe Millinium. Now, that is smooth! Later upgraded to Dyna X (actually I bought it from Chen Zarfati), and I have stayed with that until last year. It has served me very well 2 times at 3D Masters, and 3 times at Munich Heli Masters. In 2008 the head broke during 3D Masters. Probably old damage, but never the less I decided to try out something new.

Now I fly Hirobo Turbulence, YS91SR-RR, Hatori 946, 8717 on 2S, CSM 720, Revlock 30 and V-Blades. It is truly a nice model which has improved my flying tremendously.

Model Hirobo Turbulence, YS91SR-RR, Hatori 946, 8717 on 2S, CSM 720, Revlock 30 and V-Blades
Where he lives  
His flying field Greve RC Center, Denmark

Name Per Knudsen
Description Coming soon, here is his site
Where he lives  
His flying field