Align T-rex 450 XL

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Just got me a used trex, and after about 3 nights fixing all the errors and bad setups I got it in air, and that’s a stabile bird. UPDATE: the T-rex is sold

Her is the components:
Heli: Standard T-Rex 450 XL.
Servo: 4x Align RC-9XP
Gyro: Align Heading hold gyro.
ECS: Align RCE-BL25T
Engine: Brushless Align RCM-420LF 3200KV
Fuel: Lipo 11,1 V 1900mAh 13C
Reciver: Futaba R156F

How I got it, a story will come here soon.
Okay here is the story, about a year ago a had a Hawk 30 that crashed, and I didn’t wont to rebuild again because a was expecting a Freya 90 in the mail, and I removed the electronics and engine and stored them for a while, because I did expect to rebuild a 30 bird one day, BUT no, I decided to swap my 30 gear to a T-rex XL, and I personally think that it was a good swap.
It is not a very high quality bird, and it was not build very well from the original owner, but if a look at all the time used and that I have learn something new, it has been great.

The rebuilds:
I have replaced all blades and fins, because the previous owner did properly fly with the bird like that, I was not going too. I have only one think to say about a RC heli “if something broken fix it!” and that’s all, very simple. But a lot of guys fly with there small Helis with broken stuff on it, and you can’t expect to get a stabile smooth running heli with broken stuff on it.
I placed the ball on the tail servo horn in the right hole, it was too fare out, and I replaced the tail link, it was glued together and not in the right length.
Turning the two servo in the front 180 degrees, because there was not room for the canopy to fit.

The push-pull setup servo and servo horn was not in the right length, I replaced the servo horn and fixed that issue.
And then I got a new canopy because the old one was butt ugly, the previous owner had cut holds in it to fit around the servo horns in the front.
And that med the bird very stabile, I did of cures use some time to set up the CCPM on the links and in my radio, buy the way this is my first 120 degrees bird, and is just a easy set, I did get some help from an article in my favorite magazine RC Heli Magazine, with that help it was a walk in the park.
Now to the electronics, with that setup I have described in the top I got a lot of glitches, I didn’t fly any 3D because I was afraid of getting a glitch. I got a lot of small ½ second glitch very often.
Now there’s plenty of information about this issue in the internet, and I have spend some time on reading about it, and I have tested some setup’s too, but the conclusion for the time being is that the ESC is creating too much noise for my RX to handle. And not I am in the process of getting a new ESC, and I think will go for the Align 35A with Gov, now that’s not the best in the market, but this heli is only my toy, and I don’t want to spend to much on it.
I am in the process of rerouting the cables and shorting the servo cables, and I will post some new pictures with the new stuff when I am don. But the old setup as you can see on the pictures above, is not working at all.