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The tricky crossroad for 3D Masters

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3DM was the name of the original dream. A beautiful sport arena where 3D enthusiasts and nerds could come and do serious battle. After 3DM 2009 this the dreamer certainly should wake up, because a nightmare is approaching!

The intensions of providing good weather resulted in too hot weather which brought pilots and camera guys close to fainting. The intensions of providing restaurants and entertainment to everyone resulted in too bad food at too high prizes. The intensions of providing good nearby apartments to the pilots resulted in many rented cars. The intensions of providing the beautiful sport arena resulted in many situations where the pilots seemed more professional than the 3DX platform.

No doubt that the 3DM dream still lives, but it will require some serious re-organisation to get the dream living again.

From a pilot point of view, 3DM in Spain was certainly a colourful experience with ups and downs all the way, as usual. My set manoeuvre flight was great considering the windy conditions. The masters set manoeuvres have become so difficult, that many participants do get big troubles when conditions are not perfect. I finished 9th position.

Freestyle went better, leading to 6th position. After 1 beer I was pretty drunk after that result :-) During freestyle my Turbulence acted like short Rx glitch several times. Later that evening my Tx totally failed on roll channel! I borrowed a Tx, but unfortunately switch positions were not similar.

The day after at music flight I hit the wrong switches twice, but fortunately my score did not go completely bad. Overall 9th position which make me very proud.

Rest of the time I enjoyed talking to the incredible amount of rc heli knowledge that was gathered at 3DM (and drinking huge amount of beer and red wine :-)). No doubt, this is the place to be if you want to listen to extremely experienced guys.

The 3DX dream still lives, but there will be many sceptic people in 2010.

Kim Jensen (Hirobo Turbulence)

2 Reasons why Align will never have 100% of the market :-)

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More than 1 out of 2 models in our club is made by Align. Impressive, but also a bit boring.

Fortunately I have had 2 experiences lately, which I am certain will allow room for some other manufactures. So there is still hope for a bit of variation.

First experience was at 3D Masters this year. I was fortunate enough to see Bobby Watts and Timothy from MA take off the canopy of the new MA prototype machine. It has no name yet, but that was not required to catch some attention in the air, and concenring its internal design, it certainly also caught some attention. High quality as usual, but also very innovative design. New ways to use carbon fiber and extremely compact. It will undoubtably be very exiting to check it out.

Second experience was at the club where a friend showed up with a Vibe 50. Incredible quality and looks. In the air incredible sound of the mechanics, but most importantly its flight characteristics gave me the same feelings I get when flying my Dyna X after my Trex 600. Superb tracking, which really give you extra confidence. Its YS50 on 30% made it impossible to see that the model is heavier than the Trex. Awesome power.

Still, Align has done a great job for this hobby. Not only fun models, but also pushing prices down everywhere. Just saw you can now get a Millinium 90SE for 590euro and a Dyna for 899euro. That is amazing.
So Align for the ‘Smack’, and the others for those extra great inflight experiences.