Building of Hirobo Freya Evo 90

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I have sold this helicopter, to get a Frenzy 90

The building of the Hirobo Freya Evo 90 is successfully done, here are some pictures. And a minor issues i got.

Heli model: Hirobo, Freya Evo 90
Engine: OS Engine SZ-H 91, OS8 Glow-plug
Gyro: Futaba GY-401
Servo’s: Futaba S9252
Tail-servo: Hitec HS-6965HB
Govenor: Futaba GV-1
Reciver: Futaba RX-149-DP 35Mhz
Fuel: Coolpower 10% nitro
Exstra: HeaderTank

Building the Freya Evo 90

I got the new Freya Evo by mail, When I open the box, with the Freya in, I was a bit stunned, there was a lot of small bags with a lot of small part in them, and then I looked at the manual and it did seem like it was straightforward, but this was my first heli a hade to collect from scratch, was I capable of that ?!?

Then I got started, and it was like a wake in the park, if you know how to use a screwdriver, and you know how to read, then you can assembly the Freya, every picture in the manual had a little number, and the same number was on the plastic bag with the matching part, and believe me, when you don with the picture there is not a screw left in the bag. Great for you confidence, because then you know that you did the right thing, and you didn’t forget any thing.

Now I could show you a lot of pictures but there is noting to it, straightforward manual it’s great, the only issue I hade was the FunTech muffler hit one screw, one of the screws that’s used to mount the engine, but I just change one of the washer to a thinner one, and the problem was solved.

Flying the heli is a dream, when you come from a 30 size heli like I do, then a 90 size bird is just great, it is very stabile, and with a new engine I hope that it will run without any tuning in a very long time, not like the old Hawk, OS32, that I did hade some difficulties tuning.

But now the engine is burn-in and I have hade it up in the air with a good needle position, like the O.S. 91 SZ-H likes it, and that engine is just pure powere, I use the Wildcat helimix, and it works great, and boy I can’t wait to get this bird in the air again, the next time I am at the field.

In the beginning I did wanted to get a new 30 size bird, just for the fun of it, but right now I am not sure that’s the way I want to go, I mean way fly a small unstable bird when you can fly a big stabile dragon(or Nordic god ”Freya”).

Ones a 90, always a 90, until I crash the first time and see the bill.