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Yes! finally

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I have finally got my Frenzy rebuild after last crash. As you can see it is a very long time ago the last crash, long story short i had to wait for parts and i did have some motivation issues, but now i am back in the game, just need to make some governor setup and some weather over -10 degrees.

The reason for the crash, i found the my old tail blades was at 8 grams and the tail blade holder was not made for 8 grams tail blades, apparently. Not the best design my Frenzy TT, but if you don’t use 8 grams tailblades you will be just fine.

And some nice new pictures


Banned from

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Yep Mr. Helifreak didn’t agree with my posts, and that is why he decided that I was not welcome anymore, why not give a warning, just block people that is a little cheap in my opinion.

But I just had to make sure and asked Mr. HeliFreak why I was blocked :) I personally like the in-depth arguments.

Any news on why I can’t post?

Did you disable my account?

Regards username
Tim P

This was my second mail, first there was no answer.

Mr. Helifreak:
Why do you use HF? Looking at your posts is why I am asking?

To share information, isn’t that the basic reason a forum is created?

Yes some of the information is from my site, I provide information myself.

Did I violate any of you positing rules? Please let me know, and please do it before you block my access, that would be a nice service.

Have a nice day.
Tim P

Mr. HeliFreak:
You should start by reading the terms of use you agreed to when you joined. We don’t need users on the site who are using us for personal gain saying they are here to share info.

Thanks for letting me know :)

Unlike you I don’t get ANY personal gain, unlike your site, my site is free,
I don’t make any money on it AT ALL.

But it still work my a** off to provide a good pilot locator and some useful information for my fellow RC Pilots.

Sorry I violated your rules.

Have a nice day.
Tim P

Mr. Helifreak: no answer.

As you can guess I am not a fan of Mr. HeliFreak, i guess I he has decided that I violated this rule:

“2.5 Advertisements. You acknowledge and agree to not advertise any goods, websites or services on this Site without the prior express written consent of HeliFreak. No spam/advertising is allowed or tolerated.”

Read all the HeliFreak rules here

I don’t agree with Mr. HeliFreak if you have some RC Helicopter related stuff just share it, if it’s an advertisement or anything it is information and the best is to share on the internet.
A forum site is only a success if you have good users on the site, Mr. HeliFreak is makeing all the money while the user’s are providing all the information, that is a shame, for the users.

Well life must go on, with a different username and a different IP, have a nice day Mr. HeliFreak

And I mean it, if you have something RC Helicopter related you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment. I will approve.

I was out testing my new Frenzy, a video is on its way :)

JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, first test flight

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You know the guy at your flying field there always seems to have problems and luck is not in his dictionary. I AM THAT GUY, with no luck :)

But i have learned to live with it :)

On the positive update, i got the Frenzy airborne and yes it flies nicely, here you can see below i made a small takeoff in my garden just to check the engine. The video is to boring this is just a screenshot of the video


That was a good start some days after i was heading to the flying field, well this day i would like to forget about this day, i flooded the engine resulting in the clutch coming loose, resulting in binding the clutch and no flight that day, as you can see from the pictures below, first day at the field bummer. But the Frenzy was easy to disassemble compared to the Freya.


Some days after i headed to the field again, a very windy day but hay no problem it a helicopter right. You can’t setup a gyro in hard wind but i could still get it up in the air, and i did it went well, i did some engine tuning and some gyro tuning, had some small tail wag but with some adjustment i was gone. While i am on the subject gyro setup let me show you a good link this is a QA from Spartan, very good information


But then the problem started, suddenly in a low upright flight the helicopter just started spinning very fast it is my luck that i am practicing piro maneuvers with the throttle hold i manage to land the helicopter without a scratch.

With some post flight inspection i discovered that the tail was stating to some off or the axis on the tail was. A lesson to all of you when you get a preassembled model check every screw on the model, i apparently missed two at the tail. As you can see from the pictures the two screws holding the tail axis was not placed correctly resulting in the tail sliding to one side and the helicopter doing aggressive piros.



Here you can follow the build process of the Frenzy 90 day by day, or night by night if you like:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 2½
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5


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I just learned something new today my challenges has a name, for short it is called WAF or Wife acceptance factor this expression was first used back in 1983 related to HI-FI equipment in a magazine called Stereophile, miss Hot for words would be proud of me :)

Why the current challenge, well i have sold almost all my RC gear, not to stop the hobby NO, are you insane???
To get new and better gear, but the WAF are giving me some challenges, i hope i can do damage control after i get the new gear.

Why can’t we all just get along ? pass the joint :)

Explains my situation :

my life

What’s up McDonald’s

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Now I am just wondering why McDonald’s is called a fast food restaurant, because there is nothing fast about it anymore, just to day the family and I went to get some FAST food, at McDonald and boy did we have to wait…….

It was burgers for 5 people and we hade to wait for 30 minutes, that can’t be right.

It’s not that particular restaurant we went too, no I have tried another one, where thay have drive in, and I have just drop going for the drive in, because it’s almost all the timer faster to go in to the restaurant and get you burgers from the desk, WHATS UP !!!

 My only question is: how is McDonalds at the US where the main office are located, because delivery time stinks in Denmark!!!!!
Sorry I just had to let it out.