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I have been using the Photoship One mkTR camera mount for about a year now, this is a review of the Photoship One mkTR camera mount.

Photoship One mkTR


When I first unwrapped the Photoship One mkTR mount, I was a little impressed, the construction seems to be so simple, but with a lot of part to assemble. But no sweat, the manual was easy to understand and it was assembled in a few hours.

This camera mount was purchased for a Mikrokopter, and the mount on the drone was easy to, but I don’t like the placing of the screws, they are very close to each other and that is really not the best solution, because of the missing stability of the camera mount, the screws is centered around the 4 screws placed close to each other.

But the Assembly was not a problem


Placing a camera on the mount is not a problem, Photoship One has made a lot of holes for the camera screw on the camera plate, and you can place the camera one the plate to get a good balance for the camera.

That is great for small cameras, but for a Canon 550D size camera that is a problem, yes there is room for 550D size camera, but no you can fit it to get a good balance, there is just no room for that.

To get a Canon 550D size camera to fit, you have to make some modifications to the mount, to get it to move freely, and then you get to the next problem, that is the cables for the camera, they take up space to resulting In yet another problem, you can´t get a 90 degree movement when you have cables in your Canon 550D.

I have managed to solve the mounting issues of the big camera, but I have a special USB connector and I have made some modifications to the mount it-self.

In flight

On a Mikrokopter you can setup compensation from the gyros to the camera mount servos, this is an easy setup, and it will keep the camera in the same direction even if the drone is tilting.

And you can change the angle from the transmitter to move the camera, no problem at all.

But there is one huge problem with the Photoship one mkTR and a big camera like the Canon 550D, when the drone compensates the movement and stops the moving camera, the mkTR mount is too flappy in the setup, resulting in a whiplash effect making the camera move and vibrate more than if you did not have any gyro compensation activated.

Making this mount almost impossible to use for video. And very difficult to use for still photos.

Overall impression

As you can guess there is a lot of issues with this mount and the product is not delivering what it is promising, and for a price at around 500$ it is very disappointing.

I have been trying to get in contact with Photohship One some time ago, with the following input(see below), but with no response in return.

1. of Look at the picture below instead of sanding the sides of the carbon fiber, I just added a 0,5 mm shim to the spacer, I am sure that will give me a much better sliding roller then sanding the fiber. Maybe you can add four shims for the next costumers, or add some variation of shims for the best setup.
Picture of the Photoship one mkTR

2. Look at the picture below, I am sorry but I am very excited to test out the control horn, it seem like there is a lot of resistance and the 0,5 mm space around the screw seems to make a less efficient setup for the roll direction.
A relatively simple modification is to move the servo to the side and place the servo horn there on the servo, and add a link with link balls, that would be a VERY accurate setup.
Picture of the Photoship one mkTR

3. Look at the pictures below, I am a little concerned about the safety of this setup, the only thing holding this mount together is the glue! A simple change would be to add a spacer on each side to hold the camera tray.
picture of the Photoship one mkTR
picture of the Photoship one mkTR

4. One last thing, on the opposite side of the potentiometer on the camera tray, can you add some pressure bearing to hold the tray in place, I am flying with a Canon 550D and the setup seems a bit unstable, I have added a spacer, I didn’t have a pressure bearing.

End of response to Photoship One


If you a looking for some fun time with a GoPro or a similar small camera, you can use the Photoship One mkTR, considering the price I would not advise you to do so.

Sorry Photoship One this is a retry, for the low end marked.
General comment

I hope this review can inspire others to make product reviews of drones and camera mounts out there, this is a fast grooving marked and there is a lot of semi good product out there, for a very high price, let’s work together and make the products better.