Frenzy 90 TT

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A review of the new Frenzy 90 TT, i have had the pleasure of building the JS Frenzy 90 TT Torque Tube (TZ V2 TT) here you can read about my experiance with building and flying this model.

Here are some pictures to start out with, a link to see alle the pictures of the Frenzy 90 TT:


Heli model: JS Frenzy 90 TT Torque Tube (TZ V2 TT)
Engine: OS 91HZ-R, OS8 Glow-plug
Gyro: Spartan DS760
Servo’s: Cyclic Team Orion VDS 1007 , Gas Futaba S9252
Tail-servo: Hitec HS-6965HB
Govenor: Futaba GV-1
Reciver: Futaba R6008HS 2,4 Ghz
Fuel: Coolpower 30% nitro
Exstra: SAB blades and SAB tail blades

I switch my old JS Frenzy 90 for the new JS Frenzy 90 TT, to try something new and I have had good experience with the Frenzy and with the low prices on the JS models it is basically a good deal.
Like the Frenzy 90 the TT version comes semi assembled setup i like that because that is an easy and fast way to assembly.
And this time I assembled the model fast 3 night is fast, because I already know the model from the JS Frenzy build.

Here you can follow the build process day by day, or night by night if you like:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
First flight

Differences from the JS Frenzy 90:

  • No glassfiber canopy on the TT
  • Torque Tube tail
  • Possibility flybarless setup
  • Flight experience
    Like the belt Frenzy 90 the TT version flies great, the model is stabile there a little to non sloop in the head and the tail setup there a really nothing to say about the flying ability.

    I am still in the process of running my engine in, meaning that I don’t have full power yet, but from what I am getting out of the OS 91HZ-R in the burn-in phase is really amazing, I can’t wait for the summer to starter at for me to have a lot more flight on this model.

    I did have a minor issue with the hex starter coming off, but that was to expect when you don’t recheck everything with lock-tit, that is what can happen and it has been happening on other models for me to, much more expensive models to.

    I really like the design of the Frenzy it is easy access to the engine, clutch and gear that is often the part where you have to do some modifications.

    And for a final note, remember to use locktit when you use metal servos just had one servo horn come off in flight I was able to save a lot of it, But it resulted in a minor crash, but the part prices a very low so that is no problem.

    Conclusion / review

    A good helicopter for the price, i don’t really understand the higher price on the TT model but it is still a good priced model.

    Yes that is it, it has some small issues, some of them you can fix with a hex and some you have to work a little harder to fix, but for the average pilot this helicopter is a great beginner and advanced helicopter. And please remember that you have to do small fixes with a high priced helicopter on the marked to. But what i really like on the Frenzy is you can get easy access to the engine and clutch AND I LIKE THE PRICE.

    This is a model most of you pilots would be very happy with, i am sure.

    Just smack it around.

    Notes to JS
    If you would like to improve some details, please look into correcting the small issues you’ve got with this model, like:

  • The bottom plate two of the holes was not aligned correct
  • The main shaft lock ring was difficult to fit on the main shaft
  • clutch linen needs to be changed
  • Drilled out the tail rod guide
  • But this is just small details! and not really a problem.