Frenzy 90

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This is a overview of my JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, here you can find a build history and a review of the helicopter. If you just need a quick into go to the conclusion.

My setup

Heli model: JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2
Engine: OS Engine SZ-H 91, OS8 Glow-plug
Gyro: Spartan DS760
Servo’s: Futaba S9252
Tail-servo: Hitec HS-6965HB
Govenor: Futaba GV-1
Reciver: Futaba R6008HS 2,4 Ghz
Fuel: Coolpower 30% nitro
Exstra: SAB Main and tail blades

When I got the model I already had the engine and all the electronics and the blades ready, and i was ready to start. The Frenzy 90 arrives in a semi assembled setup, where you have to assemble the head, tail and gearing to the main body, and very easy procedure. It is a good thing that the helicopter is semi assembled because the manual is not the highs quality but ones you get to know the model, than manual is not that important.

Here you can follow the build process day by day, or night by night if you like:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 2½
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Flight experience

The flights has been great i have been flying about 3 gallons on the Frenzy 90 and it is a stable and responsive helicopter, comparing the price and the helicopters flight conditions you can’t really see the helicopter being a low budget helicopter, it flies like you would expect a 90 size helicopter should fly. I haven’t fund any thing wrong with the flying capability.

I have been having some problems with my engine running warm after half a tank and i had some difficulty’s finding the source of the overheating engine, but when i changed all the tubs on the frenzy my problem was gone, so one thing you have to do is change all the tubes before you go to the field, not a big problem or investment but still a waist of good flight time gone with engine tuning.

And remember to re-tighten all screws before you go to the field, read here why

With the Sab tail blades and the Spartan gyro i got on the Frenzy 90 it is very tail responsive, it is really fast and it stops when you tells it to, the helicopter seems a bit sloppy when it does a very fast stop, but i would expect it to be with the piro speed i am running on it.

The roll speed could bee faster and i will properly change the paddles when i get around to it. But really this is not something that i can’t live without.

Conclusion / review

A good helicopter for the price.

Yes that is it, it has some small issues some of them you can fix with a hex and some you have to work a little harder to fix, but for the average pilot this helicopter is a great beginner and advance helicopter. And please remember that you have to do small fixes with a high priced helicopter on the marked to. But what i really like with the frenzy is you can get easy access to the engine and clutch and that is where i have been using some repair time lately :)

Follow my build post with to-does before you go fly and you have a very good helicopter, no question about that.

Good luck with the Frenzy

I am a happy TZ-V2 Frenzy 90 helicopter pilot, no question.