Historic RC Truck

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When I was just a little kid back in 1981 I got a “RC” truck for christmas. I was a very happy kid, it was my biggest wish that year, when I say Remote Control, it is not as you and I know it today, it was Remote Control with a wire to the transmitter. I can remember that I always wished that the Truck was without a wire and that I could drive a little faster, I was very slow back then.

This is me, a while back. As a very happy little kid.

Some weeks back I was at my loft. And found my old RC Truck, there was a bit more rust on in, but I was still good looking and it came with a lot of good memories. Now I myself have kids, and way not convert the truck to be a real remote control truck and maybe make it a little faster for my an my kids to play with.
This is my kids with all his expectations for the new and rebuild truck.

Here you can see some of the rebuild and the result, you have to see the video, the engine is too big :) but hey, it is funny to drive. Conclusion you cannot rebuild a very old RC truck with the new and improved RC equipment we have today.

And this is how it looks today