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RC Earth started out because I wanted to play around with the map.live.com site, and it started with the Danish map site, but then I just figured why not create a site for the US, and then all the other country’s followed and maybe more will come.

There is really no need for me to explain how it works, you can register your location and it doesn’t matter if you’re a helicopter or plane pilot, an RC pilot is an RC pilot. You can register your local flying field, and your favorite RC shop too.

Here are some easy videos on how to register your pilot location, how to edit your registered information, and god forbid, how you can delete your location.

Video instructions

How to register:

How to Edit :

How to delete :

And here is the links to the map sites, there your can find you country, and if you can’t find your country then click the earth icon, for Wmap.rcheli.dk

If you would like to use the pilot locator on your smart phone you can do that too, read more about it here Smartphone Introduction and see the intro video below.

If you have your own site, or if you would like your location to be displayed in the signature in a forum, you can create a direct link to your location icon, and I have created some easy to use link code, the only thing you have to do is replace the ? with your PinID in the link url. PinID is the id located at the end of your popup message at your pushpin. Remember you have to register at the map site first.

Pilot location link code:

Field location link code:

Shop location link code:

I hope you like my pilot locator