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I have just made some update in the description on the map site, now it’s hopefully easy to understand how you can register on the site. NOW we just need a lot of RC pilots to register on the site.

There is another update, now you can create a personal link to you location, this is my location, I think you can see the use for that smart little think, and if you would like to get the same function/link, you can just click the link and then there are instructions on the site.

Now I would just like to take the time to give all of you the ability to be administrators on the map site, if you see a pilot that has misunderstood the pilot/club/shop registration, and he is some how registered as a club instead of a pilot, or the other way around, please feel free to send him a kindly reminder of how he can change the registration, to a pilot icon on the map, thanks in advance.