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Well i am without a working helicopter at the moment, what to do, what to do, update the gallery :) here you go:

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RC Chicks

Beautiful ladies with RC equipment, car, plane and helicopter the pictures says it all.

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DSC_0819_700.jpg DSC_0809_700.jpg DSC_0803_700.jpg DSC_0801_700.jpg DSC_0794_700.jpg DSC_0788_700.jpg DSC_0785_700.jpg DSC_0762_700.jpg DSC_0756_700.jpg DSC_0755_700.jpg DSC_0748_700.jpg DSC_0746_700.jpg DSC_0732_700.jpg DSC_0723_700.jpg D10_4084_700.jpg DSC_0706_700.jpg DSC_0693_700.jpg D10_4066_700.jpg DSC_0678_700.jpg DSC_0266_700.jpg DSC_0252_700.jpg IMG_9408.jpg IMG_9405.jpg model.jpg attachment.php3.jpg attachment.php.jpg attachment.php4.jpg attachment.php2.jpg 37883.jpg 33940.jpg
Viewing images 31-60 of 999

Waste of time i know :)

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