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I have not been there myself, sorry to say, but I have heard from some of the pitchbrother members that it was I great event, one of the best events they have ever been to.

The pitchbrother was not blessed with luck this weekend as you can read from their blog. A new invention something called a T-Wreck.

I have been searching for some videos from Alpine Smackdown, not that many yet, but I hope to see more soon. Nevertheless, one think I can see from the few video on the net, what a great view, that is a good-looking scenery.

I wonder if he cannot fly any higher (Lukas Riva) :)

This is Dario flying

click image to see pictures from the pitchbrothers
Alpine heli smackdown

If you find any more videos, please feel free to post a comment with a link to the video here, thanks.