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Flight day 24/8-06


It hade been a long time since I hade been out flying, but today it was time.

I hade just gotten the okay from my wife and I was heading for the flight field with extra fuel, an I got the bird in the air, but then the problems started hammering down on me!!!!

First after have a tank of flight, I landed the bird just to se if the engine was hot, I was in the process of tuning, as always. And then I looked at the header tank, and noticed that the header tank was have full, and what I have learned from the years of flying is, if you see something that’s not right, TJEK IT.

And I did, on the filed because I did expected to get the bird up again, I removed the main thank and removed the plug from the tank and I noticed that the fuel-tube inside the thank with the clunk on, was ripped right over, now that’s the fuel tube from Hirobo, so remember to replace that piece of tube when you assembly a Freya. I replaced the tube and I assembled the heli again.

But then the next error showed up, the remote glow plug wire hade a bad connection, don’t know way, but it did, then I remove the canopy again, and placed the glow plug starter at the engine, then I tried to turn the engine with the starter, but then a screw in the one-way bearing broke on the starter, GOOD DAM. Second time that day.

One other think that I have learned form the years I have been flying, is if thinks starts to go wrong don’t try to get the bird in air, because you will crash. And I colleted my thinks a little pist-off, that I hade to miss flight time again.

And when I removed the fuel from the thanks with my fuel pump, the was A LOT of bubbles coming from the main thank, again a good think I didn’t go in air with the issue, that would have been nice. Not.

One good think is that I noticed the half full header tank on the ground and didn’t crash because of lost engine/fuel.