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I just started on building the new JS Frenzy 90 TT Torque Tube (TZ V2 TT), unbelievable long name :) from now on it is just going to be called JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube.

This is the status after one night of build, read on to see some of the findings I have made after the first day.

The overall impression is good the new TT is almost like the old Frenzy, except the tail of course. The model comes half pre assembled that is a good thing, that way you know everything is in the box because it is assembled, but you still need to perform some work.
I have taken a chance on this model, I am not going to check all screws if there are glued with locktit, I have checked some and they seem like they are all well bolted, I am going the see if that is a problem after the first couple of flights.

Some of the things I have found not to be optimal for the Frenzy TT version:

The bottom plate two of the holes was not aligned correct a little Dremel and that was solved.


The main shaft lock ring was difficult to fit on the main shaft.


And the clutch linen was changes like on the first Frenzy.

Keep your Eyes open for the next update :)