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Yep just got the Freya up first time this year, but the cool think about this is that I have made some configuration changes, by the instruction of Ray’s Authoritative DVD Series (my new heli friend) and with his help from his great DVD’s, I just got a small issue fixed on my 90 Hirobo Freya helicopter.

Even do I toughed my heli was setup 100% correct, I found one small change to be a GREAT change for my Freya, the setup Ray told me about was the setting where the throttle react quicker than the collective pitch input.

It’s where you place the link on the throttle arm, closer to the center of the arm, and that way reduces the travel the throttle servo has to move from low to high stick. That way the throttle will reaches the end position before the collective pitch servo, and that way the engine can provide a solid power for the heli.

My Freya really got alive today, it just rocked up in the air with full pitch, and Ray help me setup the program mix in the Futaba FF9, something that I haven’t got around to yet, but now it’s programmed and I can’t way to get the helicopter in the air on a clear day, and I can throw it around for real.

I am sorry to say that it has been a very long time since I have had my Freya air born, and today I could really feel that I was rusty, I need to get some more real life flying and not only Reflex time. If the weather would provide the right condition !!!!!!