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WUUUUUHUUU I am back, on the internet that is, I changed internet provider and because of that i had to wait for a new internet connection for about 3 weeks, bummer, but I can save some money on the new internet deal and that money I can use for Fuel, look I made a chart, I am a big boy.

Here are the prices for 30% nitro fuel recommended for RC helicopter, prices are in Danish kroner. I compared the prices in liter.

Dealer Product Price/liter(DKr) Price(DKr) Wild Cat HeliMix 30% nitro (at 8 gallons) 54,49 1650 Cool Power 30% nitro low smoke (at 4 gallons) 58,78 890 Wild Cat HeliMix 30% nitro (at 4 gallons) 59,44 900 Alternative OPTIMIX 30% (at 20liter) 62 1240 Cool Power 30% nitro (at 4 gallons) 65,38 990 Rapicon 30% nitro(at 1 gallon) 68,69 260 Cool Power 30% nitro (at 1 gallon) 71,33 270 Powermaster 30% nitro (at 1 gallon) 78,99 299

If I forgot somebody, or if you have a good/cheap place to buy fuel, feel free to write a comment to keep me updated, then I will update the chart.

Can I at the same time encourage you guys in the other country’s to make the same kind of chart to urge for some price competition, I will link to your price comparison