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I hate some ”old” stuff for a 30. size heli, an I decided that I would like to get a T-Rex, then a found a guy that was interested in swapping for a t-rex, and I was happy as a little boy, but I did know that I would give me some extra work. And I did.

I used about 3 evenings to fix all the flaws and errors the previous owner hade made, and there was a few, and I had to spend about 400,- kr. On getting new blades, I did receive 3 set of blades but all of them was smashed, and if you want a stabile heli you have to fly with every thing in perfect shape.

All fins was broken to, the canopy was cut in to make room for some of the servo’s but the solution to that is to reverse the placing of the servo’s you can se some pictures and a more complete store about this her: