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Just got me a new helicopter, i sold the Hirobo Freya 90 to get a new and more 3D capable helicopter and from what i read the Frenzy is it. It is also a very cheap helicopter but it still seem like it is okay in quality. This is not the complete build thread, i have just started to build it, and i am a slow builder. Get back tomorrow the for some more build tips.

This i Day 1.
As you can see the box is boring no fancy cover, but i don’t care, as we say about the girls, it is what’s inside that counts :)

I got some advice to change the clutch linen, because the original is some sort of rubber, and i did that with a Raptor linen, check out the pictures. I headed the bell to get the old linen out. That is a good tip.

Check the rest of the pictures from today