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I just got a sweet deal on the new and improved Frenzy 90, called the Frenzy 90 TT Torque Tube (TZ V2 TT), keep your eyes open for a review of this model the next couple of days.

But first here is a quick post inspection of the “old” JS Frenzy 90 (TZ V2).
I have sold the Frenzy 90 and in the process I had to disassembly some of the model, a great opportunity to inspect for possible wear and tear. Here are my findings. This is a inspection after a yeas flight.


  • No slope, or very little
  • Still felt like a stabile machine in flight
  • No unwanted wear on any parts of the helicopter
  • Cons

  • Tail belt needs to be changed
  • Maybe some of the links should consider changing
  • Conclusion of the JS Frenzy 90
    Considering that this model is extremely cheap and looking at the state of the machine after a years flight I am very impressed, compared to the more expensive model there are nothing out of the ordinary with the Frenzy 90. And that is a big plus. My overall impression has been good flight and I was really happy with this model.

    Check out some goodbye pictures of the old JS Frenzy 90

    And some hello pictures of the new JS Frenzy 90 TT Torque Tube, more will come the next couple of days.