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My big bird crashed on my, ”oh my heli”.

The annoying thing about this is that it was not my fault, or in a way it was, I was doing a inverted hover about 20 meter off the ground, and then the tail died, it just started spinning like hell I tried to auto it down but with no luck, so you see it was my fault, because I can’t do a inverted piro autorotation, STUPID ME. :(

I have been reading a bit on and it seem like the 9254 servo has some issues, I haven’t got time to check the servo yet, but if I find that the servo is the reason, FUTABA IS OUT.

And way is futaba out, well one think is a crash, and another i
s a crash because of mechanical failure, but even another thinks is a crash because of a mechanical failure right beside a lake in some mood. There is mood all over my bird, it is going to take a lot of time cleaning and assembling the heli again and that’s the worst par, yes it is going to cost some money too, but compared to the time I have to spend cleaning that heli it nothing, BAD futaba.
Check out the pictures, it’s a sad story.

Sorry I can’t show you the pictures from the crash site, my phone just lost them.
And here is a link to the thread about the bad futaba servos.
I will be back about the servo error !!
More pic

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