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I was just at the flight field today, I was great a bit windy and it was cold 9 degrees, but the flight was grate, every time I get my Freya in the air, it’s nice. I have just spend some time on the T-Rex XL, but that nothing compared to the Freya.


I did some inverted flight and stuff and some autos, and inverted hover, my biggest challenge is to fly inverted, I am not 100% stabile on the nose-in inverted hover and until I am very stabile in all the directions inverted, it will limit me a bit on the maneuvers, but that’s what is going to happen in the winter, Reflex her comes the inverted nose-in hover.


The engine is just running great, I have moved the header tank, to fit the caborator line, and that help inverted is was not fat as before where the header tank was a bit low mounted.


The next think to do is set up the program mix, for the gas when the rolls need extra power.