Review Reflex XTR RC Simulator

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Some say that this is the best helicopter simulator on the market, and some say that G3 is a bit better, the only think I am going to say is that this simulator are very close to the real think, and if you can fly dissent in this simulator, you are likely to fly okay in the real world.

If you are new to this hobby and you are considering if you really need a simulator, there is no question that you need a simulator, because with a simulator you limit the real world accidences and there by limit the repair cost on you real world helicopter, and that’s why the price for your simulator don’t really matter.

With Reflex you don’t get any TX device with the simulator, this means that if you are new at this hobby, you have to buy a TX you can use for the simulator, and later on for a real helicopter, but if you don’t know if this is the right hobby for you, then I would advise you to buy the G3 because there you get a PC TX you can use, just for the simulator, but it feels like the real think, and it work grate for that simulator.

Back to the Reflex, like I said it feels like the real think, and that’s all that’s interesting, then there is the graphics, and I have taken some high resolution pictures where you can see how nice the graphic are, and then I have tried to record my flying with Frapps, but the resolution and the flying is not that good, because of the little screen, but you get an idea on how it looks.

You can download all the models you like, they are free, the RC Car you see on the video is a model downloaded from