Review Futaba T8FG

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Just replaced my trusty old Futaba FF9 35 Mhz with a new Futaba T8FG 2,4 Ghz. Here is my review with pictures of the Futaba 8FG.

Finally i decided to try something new, and of course a 2.4Ghz system is the only way to go. I did some investigation on the internet and the 8 channel 2.4Ghz Fasst(Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology) system seems to be a good choice. And lets face it 8 channels is enough, and if a run short for channles one day i can always install the gyro or governor in a manual mode without the transmitter regulation. 8 Channel is fine.

Here is what is in the box

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Charger
  • Neck-strap
  • Power switch
  • Manual
  • Throttle sick spring
  • IMG_1785.JPG
    The are no receiver battery, but that is okay because you can always choose a receiver battery fitting your system on you helicopter or air plain. Not a lose at all, i already have a RX battery.

    The design is very nice, very smother an it is smaller then the old FF9. The 8FG is very well balanced and in general the quality of the switches the gimbals feels really nice. The display is a good resolution and there is a back light if night flying is something you would like to do. I like the fact that the antenna can bend very close to the transmitter that gives the transmitter a compact feel.
    Dial navigation
    The new thing on this transmitter is the dial navigation button, it is the dial button you use in the menu to get around. I am impressed with the functionality ones you get the hang of it, the dial is very well designed, with a lot of nice short-cuts like if you hold the S1 button down for a while you get back to the front screen, there are other short cuts as well.
    One thing that would be a nice improvement for the next ipod like dial, is to make more then 4 steps in a full circle navigation. If you make a full circle in the dial you get 4 steps in the menu, in the beginning where you have to setup a lot it ends with a lot of rotations on the dial. But other then that it is not problem, and not really a problem as i see it.
    The menu system is a lot different then the old FF9, but not really a big problem with a run through the manual you a good to go. It is like many other transmitter menus on the marked but there are some new thinks the i find as a great improvement:
    In the End point menu you can set the travel and the limit of the servos, this is a nice improvement that way you a sure not to overdrive your servos no matter what mixes you use.
    Virtual swash ring:
    It is a virtual cyclic ring, you don’t need the ugly home made cyclic ring glued on your cyclic gimbal. Again a nice security to ensure no overdrive of the servos.
    Logic switch:
    A new feature i haven’t used it yet, but the idea seem good. You can combine to switched to one function and add some binary logic to define when the function should be active/inactive. A nice way to get an extra function build in for those crazy new maneuvers.
    The R6008HS, A 8 channel receiver that can handle the highest speed on the FASST system. With a nice red and green LED indicator to show the status of the system. Seems to work well.
    I got mine from a fellow pilot two months old. Mine was in air plain setup so i changed the throttle spring to get a smooth throttle stick movement.
    Really no problem to change the spring, here are some pictures:
    There is a lot of new features in this transmitter like the SD memory card, the ability to change stick modes(mode 1/mode 2) and power alarm function, all this will come in handy in the feature, i am sure. I am confident that this system will fulfill my needs in the feature as an advanced pilot. In my view it is a good investment in an efficient system with the ability to firmware update later on, if Futaba should find error or improve functionality.
    If Futaba are wise they make sure to add some new features in the coming firmware update, that way the users of there system will be happily surprised with new improvements.

    If your a new pilot and you know that model flying is something you would like to do in the feature, you can get the 8FG and your investment will be secured for a very long time.

    Minuses about the system:
    The neck strap, it is hardly a neck strap, i would call it a key hanger, and i am not using a key hanger for my transmitter, add a better one to the box Futaba.
    Same thing goes for the power switch for the receiver, it is the small on, i personally would have like to see the bigger and better switch from Futaba in the box, i have had one failure with the switch years back and i am never using the small switch again.
    It is all details that you as a costumer can fix with some extra investment, but it would have been nice if Futaba had added that to the system.
    And some extra pictures:
    I am certainly a happy costumer. This product get 4½ out of 5 rotors

    Check out this video walk-trough