Review Phoenix RC Simulator

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I just sold my Reflex Simulator, and got the Phoenix Simulator, in general I am very happy with the new Phoenix simulator.

The graphics are great, they a based on a 360-degree photo and that makes it nice to look at, the model are computer graphic and they are okay to. One think that I have to point out is that the graphic engine is effective, with the result of a great performance on a slow computer.

You can run Phoenix on a smaller computer then the Reflex in my experience.
The Realflight simulator is performing badly compared to the two above.

The Phoenix physic engine is very realistic, it is precise and consistent and you really feel like being on the real flying field, it’s a bit more difficult to hover and hold still then the real world, but it seem to be the rule on all the simulators, that the simulations is more difficult than the real thing. That way you are in good shape when you get to the real flying field.

There is one thing that I am not happy with in the Phoenix and that is the landing. To land a model on the ground is extremely difficult, I really cannot see the reason why, it almost seems like the skids on the model is a stick that you have to land on the ground, and you cannot fly forward and land because then the model will tilt and crash. The result of this is that it is very difficult to do autorotation in the Phoenix simulator you are almost sure to crash the helicopter when you hit the ground. In a positive context, if you can do 10 autorotation in a row without a crash on the Phoenix, I will almost grantee that you can do autorotation en real life.

One cool thing is when you crash you see the model going apart that is a cool feature and I gives a realist understanding of the model is dead and that you have to fix it, until the new model appears on the screen 3 seconds later.

Sounds are great, you can hear the blades banging thru the air when you try to do maneuvers where the model is under pressure, and it seem really realistic because that is how the model sounds in real life, and that’s a really great feature.

There is a network feature in the simulator as well, and you can do some competition flying too, the competition part is not really something I use, but the network flying is something I use. When I sit at a dark hour and just playing around, it is nice to have the options to play with others and see how they fly. It is a good way to add an extra edge to the simulator. There is just one small problem when you play on the network, if you don’t have the model that the other pilots fly, you see a read icon and you can see how they fly. It would have been nice if the Phoenix development team had made some automatic download feature to get the model to my PC. That way I would be able to see all the models I was flying with when I am on a network simulation.

Here is a video with me flying around in the Phoenix RC Simulator.

You have to see the video in the original quality, please take the time to download it and see how great the graphic are.

Here you can see the network session with the Phoenix RC Simulator.

Last check out the autorotations and crashes in the Phoenix RC Simulator.


If you a looking for at simulator with a realistic simulation of real life you have a good candidate with the Phoenix simulator, except from the landing issue, it is very realistic and you can really use it to get started with RC Model flying. However, if you look at it all the simulators on the marked has some kind of glitch when they try to simulate real life, with the Phoenix its landing and the Reflex it some small glitches when you do flips in air. Nevertheless, all of the simulators on the marked, you can use to practices new maneuvers on, and you will feel more confident when you go to the real life flying field.

If you have to pick on from the other, here are some facts you can consider, with the Phoenix you have to use your own transmitter meaning that if you do not have a transmitter, you may consider a different simulator, if you are new to the modeling world.

Secondly, there are the demands to the PC you run the simulator on. The Phoenix is superior on this issue compared to the competitors on the marked, the Phoenix can run on a very small computer and if you do not have the newest of the newest computer, then you do have to pick the Phoenix and I am almost sure you can run the simulation without lacking. Download the demo from their site, to test if it can run on your machine.

It is a great simulator and I am very happy with it.