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First I would like to make a short introduction to how we have created the Danish competition classes. Last year a guy here in DK(not me) got a great idea, how about making a sport class in the competition classes, and the Helibatic Sport class was born, or F3C Sport for the international readers.
The sport classes have evolved, now we have a F3DK Sport class to.

The possible classes you can compete in this year:
Helibatic Sport: A class for new heli pilots, if you do not have any experience and would like to try the competition flying out. In this class you have to fly 8 maneuvers with low skill level, to make it possible for many to enter this competition class.

Helbatic/F3C: This is the international class FAI competition class, for the expert pilots, 8 – 10 maneuvers with high skill level is what you have to fly here.

F3DK Sport: This is the new class this year, here you have to fly 8 maneuvers in two rounds and one freestyle round 2-3 minutes. This class is for the wanabe 3D pilots. It is a good change to try your 3D skills out. With limited skill level on the maneuvers.

F3DK Expert: This is the hardcore 3D international pilots.

There are 3 Helibatic events a year.

What are the sport classes all about, to get people in to competition nothing else. And it works very well, last year there was a lot of new pilot in the Helibatic sport class, and we really got a great introduction to what a competition flying is. And combined with a bunch of great people and a basic interest in helping each other getting better, this is really a very excellent way to get new pilot in to competition flying.

Back to me :) I am in the F3DK Sport class this year, and here is what I am going to fly in the first event this year. (see videos below)

After the maneuvers below there is a freestyle round, and I have no clue how to do that, but I hope I will learn this year.

Double inside loop

Inverted hovering

Circle backwards

2-point roll

Inverted figure 8

TicToc (Metronome)

Loop backwards

360°-turn with roll