German Helimasters 2010 F3N

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German Helimasters was this weekend, sorry to say i was not there, but I will consider it next year just as a spectator and photographer, it seems like a good event and some of the very good pilots do attend this event.

But you have to see some of the videos from German Helimasters 2010. And for the final results look here

Flight to music overall first place, Eric Webber

Flight to music overall second place, Kyle Dahl

What flight is the best flight ? leave your comment

The longest chicken dance ever

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When your at a 3D Master event like i was i Venlo this year there is a lot of things going on all the time, and when you are trying to get some of the good stuff down on video you can’t get lucky all the time, but this time a had a bit of luck with me. We where watching a flight when all of a sudden in the other end of the field a helicopter was doing a chicken dance.

At the time i didn’t have my camera in my hands but the dance was just going on and on, and i got most of it on camera, check it out here i am guessing there is a lot of rebuild after this dance:

Best victory flight 3DM 2010

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Here is an example of a victory flight from a pilot i think we can expect more from in the future, this is in my opinion the best victory flight at the 3D masters 2010, first Curtis Youngblood came out his helicopter died after a few minutes attempting to fly around a tree and Nick Smackwell last 30 sec. then he crashed.

But Gael Laminard winner of the expert class, his victory flight was cool he did all the right things without a crash. Check it out

I am working on my videos, but until then check out my photo from 3D masters 2010

Final results, 3D Masters 2010

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Okay the final results after a long wait in the rain, we finally got to the results, I will let the pictures speak for them self. But Nick was the overall winner

The winners from the masters class


Winners from the expert class


Ready for 3D Masters 2010

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I am ready for sure, i am going this year and i am sure it is going to be great, the only thing i will be missing is flying myself. But when i am going you are going to, i am going to keep you posted with updates all weekend and when i get home from my vacation i will upload some videos and pictures for you.

The 3DMaster is at Jupiter Modelvliegclub in the Netherlands. It starts July 23.

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