Fuel prices in Denmark

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WUUUUUHUUU I am back, on the internet that is, I changed internet provider and because of that i had to wait for a new internet connection for about 3 weeks, bummer, but I can save some money on the new internet deal and that money I can use for Fuel, look I made a chart, I am a big boy.

Here are the prices for 30% nitro fuel recommended for RC helicopter, prices are in Danish kroner. I compared the prices in liter.

Dealer Product Price/liter(DKr) Price(DKr)
Avionic.dk Wild Cat HeliMix 30% nitro (at 8 gallons) 54,49 1650
Rotordisc.dk Cool Power 30% nitro low smoke (at 4 gallons) 58,78 890
Avionic.dk Wild Cat HeliMix 30% nitro (at 4 gallons) 59,44 900
Rotordisc.dk Alternative OPTIMIX 30% (at 20liter) 62 1240
Rotordisc.dk Cool Power 30% nitro (at 4 gallons) 65,38 990
HobbyFly.com Rapicon 30% nitro(at 1 gallon) 68,69 260
Holte-modelhobby.dk Cool Power 30% nitro (at 1 gallon) 71,33 270
lcmodels.dk Powermaster 30% nitro (at 1 gallon) 78,99 299

If I forgot somebody, or if you have a good/cheap place to buy fuel, feel free to write a comment to keep me updated, then I will update the chart.

Can I at the same time encourage you guys in the other country’s to make the same kind of chart to urge for some price competition, I will link to your price comparison

2 Reasons why Align will never have 100% of the market :-)

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More than 1 out of 2 models in our club is made by Align. Impressive, but also a bit boring.

Fortunately I have had 2 experiences lately, which I am certain will allow room for some other manufactures. So there is still hope for a bit of variation.

First experience was at 3D Masters this year. I was fortunate enough to see Bobby Watts and Timothy from MA take off the canopy of the new MA prototype machine. It has no name yet, but that was not required to catch some attention in the air, and concenring its internal design, it certainly also caught some attention. High quality as usual, but also very innovative design. New ways to use carbon fiber and extremely compact. It will undoubtably be very exiting to check it out.

Second experience was at the club where a friend showed up with a Vibe 50. Incredible quality and looks. In the air incredible sound of the mechanics, but most importantly its flight characteristics gave me the same feelings I get when flying my Dyna X after my Trex 600. Superb tracking, which really give you extra confidence. Its YS50 on 30% made it impossible to see that the model is heavier than the Trex. Awesome power.

Still, Align has done a great job for this hobby. Not only fun models, but also pushing prices down everywhere. Just saw you can now get a Millinium 90SE for 590euro and a Dyna for 899euro. That is amazing.
So Align for the ‘Smack’, and the others for those extra great inflight experiences.