Alan Szabo goes quadrocopter

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Smart phones can be used for alot of good thinks i know i used mine at 3D masters for updates my site from the flight line. But now Align(i thing) has found new ways of using the Iphone, controling a quadrocopter with an Iphone.

I am missing some 3D action with that quadrocopter

Nitro vs Electric at 3D Masters 2010

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At the 3D master i decided to try to count the number of nitro helicopters and the number of electric helicopters, and i did that more or less as promised, i installed an application on my android phone for editing excel document and i updated the document every hour or so and the result you can see here:

Nitro flights Electric flights
82 flights 17 flights

Nitro still is the dominating choice, but it is just a question of time i am sure, you can’t see any difference in flight style between the two. Only how long the flight lasts.

The results are not scientific. :)

Cheering crowd at 3D Masters 2010

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“Chop, chop, chop”, “LOWER” and “Kill IT” is some of the shouts you can hear when you are at a RC Helicopter event. At the 3D Masters event this year i was fortunate to sit with the Danes, being from Denmark that was obvious. We had a great time and the cheering was just making it more fun for us and i think for the pilots, they seemed to like a recognition.

At the moment there is a thread on Runryder discussing the cheering and the noise the crowd makes, some like it some don’t. I like it, i think it makes the event more relaxed and enjoyable for all.

To show you my point watch this video from 3D Masters Venlo 2010 :)

We use an expression: “Talk him down” and that is part of it to, it proves if the pilot is good.

The longest chicken dance ever

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When your at a 3D Master event like i was i Venlo this year there is a lot of things going on all the time, and when you are trying to get some of the good stuff down on video you can’t get lucky all the time, but this time a had a bit of luck with me. We where watching a flight when all of a sudden in the other end of the field a helicopter was doing a chicken dance.

At the time i didn’t have my camera in my hands but the dance was just going on and on, and i got most of it on camera, check it out here i am guessing there is a lot of rebuild after this dance:

Three Dee Henseleit Helicopters mid air collision

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At the 3D Master there was a lot of demo flight from different vendors, but one of the most chocking this year was the two Three Dee, Henseleit Helicopters doing a mid air collision, as i wrote in my previous post one was hovering or flying slow and the other was flying full speed into the other helicopter. Resulting in a ground impact 200 meters down the flight line and it was cached by the safety net.

You can see my video here:

You can’t see the grund crash on my video but on this video from Runryder you can see how the helicopter is caught by the net. At the end of the video

RunRyder Video