Build JS Frenzy 90 Torque Tube, day 3

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The heli is done, got the last ajustment done with the eletronics and it is now ready to fly. I had some problems fitting the govenor sensor and the caberator with the pump on the OS 91HZ-R engien, i move the sensor to the other site, i hope the muffler don’t get too hot and burn the wire.

Other the that i was a fairly easy assembly, 3 night is in my world fast :)

Now i am ready for the test fligt, it is starting to snow here :( keep a look out for a complete review on

Here are some of the last pictures, for all the pictures go here


And the final results

JS Frenzy 90 TZ-V2, day 4

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I would have liked this to be the last build day, but unfortunate for me it is not the case. I have mounted servo horns and made most of the setup, but currently I am trying to fit the governor sensor and figure out the GV-1 setup with the transmitter, I can’t get the RPMs on the Futaba 8FG to fit the RPMs in the GV-1.

Look at all the pictures from the last days 4 here.

I discovered another problem today, i recently got a new car, sold the old Fiat 127. But i have a problem with the new car :(
Current build status:
The next couple of days, I am doing non helicopter related stuff :(

Just got a Futaba 8FG TX

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I just sold my old Futaba FF9 35Mhz to get a new and improved Futaba 8FG 2,4Ghz. Why? i was the only guy at the file with an antenna, and if i would like to fly some electric powered helicopter in the future a 2,4 system is a must have. The new small electric helicopter are fun and my transmitter was one think holding me back.

Back to the 8FG, a nice transmitter with a compacted design and a nice balanced transmitter. Some new features that i haven’t been using before like the virtual cyclic ring, a nice improvement in my opinion. I haven’t got the transmitter for that long but it seem like a good product and i am definitely looking forward to using it this season.

Read my complete review here.